Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Unicorn Beaded Keychains from Guatemala

Let this mythical beast guard your keys!!

Our Unicorn Beaded Keychain

The beading on these unicorn animal keychains is securely stitched into a woven fabric of beads and is very sturdy. Unlike some beaded animals I've seen that are beautiful and engaging but very delicate, these unicorns are durable and with normal handling will hold up extremely well. Check out our other unicorn items as well as our page of beaded animals and beaded keychains from Guatemala. When you purchase one of these unique animals from our collection, you help in a number of ways. You help save tapirs, because that's what we do. You help the local artisans in Guatemala who need an outlet for their work (yes, jobs!), and you help my new friend Catherine with her sustainable business of working with the artisans of Guatemala to maintain jobs for themselves and make beautiful art for many people around the world to enjoy.

About Unicorns

One of history's most recognized fantasy creatures, the unicorn was first mentioned by the ancient Greeks and became the most important imaginary creature of Europe during the Middle-Ages. Like many mythological creatures (the manticore, the griffin, and the sphinx to name a few), the unicorn is a combination of existing animal traits, combining the horn of a narwhal, the hooves and beard of a goat, the body of a horse or deer, and the tail of a lion or ox.

Many Biblical passages mention the unicorn, and unicorns appear in many Renaissance scientific journals. The horn of the unicorn is of 'Alicorn', a substance with powerful purification and medicinal qualities. Of course, Alicorn does not exist in nature, but false Alicorn powder (usually comprised of powdered tusks and antlers from many different animals) was commonly sold in Europe as late as the mid 1700's for curing many diseases and detecting and counteracting poisons. In addition, goblets made of alicorn (usually ivory) were sold and gifted to European nobility for their ability to nullify poisons in drink.

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