Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Large Plastic Blue Beetle

With so many different species, there's a beetle to go with any outfit!

Our Large Plastic Blue Beetle

This large and detailed plastic blue beetle is made of somewhat flexible plastic with good quality. This replica is robust and durable, ready for hours of play! While it does not float, this beetle replica makes for a great toy, gift, or centerpiece for a school project. It is 5 1/4 inches long with a realistic textured surface. An impressive figurine in size and detail! Check out our other beetle and insect toys and gifts.

About Beetles

The name Beetle refers to any of the 400,000 known species of insect belonging to the order Coleoptera (taken from the Greek words for "sheathed wing"). Virtually all beetles have two sets of wings, front and back. The rear set of wings are commonly used to fly, while the forward set is thick and hard, forming a protective shell or "sheath" over the flying wings and the rear of the beetle's body. Beetles represent nearly 40% of all insect species in the world, and new species are being discovered all the time. In fact, the order Coleoptera includes more species than any other order, and represents nearly a quarter of all life-forms on the planet. Scientists believe the total number of beetle species, discovered and undiscovered, to be between 1 and 100 million species. Beetles are widely diverse in size, weight, and coloration, and exist in every habitat on Earth except marine and polar.

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