Friday, January 30, 2009

Very popular animal eyeglass holders (Peeper Keepers)

Some of our most popular and exciting animal gift shop items during the past few years have been our line of hand-painted animal eyeglass holders hand-carved out of wood. Above you see the parrot without his glasses, and below, he's sporting a pair of . . . well, you decide if he has good taste or funky, but they are certainly colorful! The eyeglass holders each come with a notch to hold your glasses. If you've had a trouble finding them, this may solve the problem!

Kids also find our Peeper Keepers a fun way to feel proud of wearing glasses. And, they are so decorative! In addition, hey . . . can you ever have too many animals in the house? We think not!
Here's a letter we received today from a customer who agrees:
Many thanks. The parrot has rave reviews from my classes and I ordered a spare in case he wandered. Now Grandpa wants one too.

~ K
Sue wrote back:
Glad to hear the peepers are such a great success! Thanks again for your new order.
But where's the rub? Aye, it is here. As popular as these items have been for us, the US importer has decided to discontinue them! Now is your chance! Some of the animal styles are still plentiful as of this posting, while others have already gone out of stock for good. We will keep looking for another source, but it may be impossible for us, as a smaller business, to find a source in China because we can't buy in the huge quantities required for production. We'll keep them in stock as long as we can get them. But for now we have to say that if you want one or more, it could be the last chance. No, this is not a ploy, we're saddened every time one of the animal styles disappears. Here is our order page for this teriffic line of carved wood animal Peeper Keepers! We have alligators, bears, dragons, and that is only the start! Come take a look!

Another very happy customer

I accidentally posted a Happy Customer letter on my personal blog. Here is the link!

~ Sheryl

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carved wood writing pens in the shape of animals

The deer pen and hummingbird pen are only two of our popular carved wood animal pens. Tapir and Friends Wildlife World specializeds in lifelike realistic animal toys and gifts. These cute pens are among the hundreds of items you can buy online on our site. Please come visit! Here is the page of carved wood animal pens. Follow the link! Thanks!
We also have tigers, elephants, moose, lions, bears, and more.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Collectible dodo birds in our store

Our lifelike stuffed dodo bird is soft and fabulous. Who wouldn't want to take him home? We ship around the world, so it's clearly a possibility!

We also have this realistic plastic dodo bird for animal replica collectors and anyone interested in extinct and unusual birds and animals. Come on over and take a look!

Olive the Stuffed Octopus is back!

Olive Octopus, one of our all-time favorite and best loved stuffed animals is back in stock! For about a month we couldn't get her for you - during the height of the Christmas season, no less! Now she's back and ready to come curling and slithering into your life. She is big, huggable, and something every octopus-lover needs in their life! She can be found in our Tapir and Friends online gift shop. Come take a look!

If you already have Olive, or if a big stuffed octopus isn't your cup of tea, we also have octopus fridge magnets, plastic octopi, and a very cool octopus plastic 3-D puzzle!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lions, polar bears, pandas (toys and gifts)

The Discovery Channel listed the top 10 animal stories for 2008, and the top three were about Christian the Lion, giant pandas and polar bears. If you loved these stories, or love these animals, we have some nice gifts and memorabilia for you. Above is one of our selection of plastic lion gifts or collectibles. We also have lion eyeglass holders while they last, and we even have a carved wood lion writing pen!

We have giant panda puzzles and eyeglass holders (Peeper Keepers). Let our friendly panda keep your glasses where you can always find them! The glasses look cool on this panda, but they don't come with it. You can put your own glasses on its cute black snoot!

This realistic plastic polar bear is one of several polar bear items we carry in our online shop. Just about everyone is concerned about polar bears this year with melting ice. What wonderful animals these are! Students are including them in their Arctic dioramas for school projects, and they also make memorable toys and collectibles. We ship anywhere in the world, and our prices are affordable in this day and age where we're all watching our wallets! Come take a look.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Throny devil lizard 3-D puzzle

You and your kids will love this three dimensional plastic lizard puzzle! It looks a lot like a desert horned toad, but it's an entirely different species. It has approximately 20 interlocking parts, and is fun for many ages. I personally find them a lot of fun to assemble, and they're not as easy as they look unless you're under the age of about 12! The kids have a great time with them. We have quite a number of animal species available including dinosars. They can be a great indoor activity when it gets so cold outside! You can get several puzzles and have a timed contest, or put the pieces of a number of different animals all in one pile and let each person find the pieces for their own animal. When you're done, you can either put them away in their plastic case, or keep them on the shelf as an animal toy collectible replica!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stuffed penguins, plastic penguins!

This beautiful stuffed emperor penguin is realistic and makes a wonderful gift for penguin lovers of any age. It's made by Hansa, so it has all of the quality and details you would expect from a company that makes their stuffed toys by hand and follows their own unique designs. Modeled after a real penguin, this stuffed animal is sure to bring a smile to someone's face!

We also have a surprisingly wide selection of small plastic penguins of several species, as well as a very realistic plastic penguin parent and chick replica 4 1/2 inches tall. Come take a look! We are located in Astoria, Oregon, and we ship around the world! We've been doing business online since 1996.

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