Friday, January 4, 2013

Plastic Aborigine Australian Ranger

He's working with us to protect wildlife and habitats!

Our Plastic Aborigine Australian Ranger

Our aboriginal ranger is made of solid plastic and measures 2 1/2 inches tall. He is wearing a pith helmet, sunglasses and bracelets.. This educational plastic aboriginal ranger is great for school projects, toys, novelties, animal collections, party favors and more. Our plastic ranger is for decoration or play only. You can make a marvelous Australian animals shoebox diorama using this and other plastic creatures from our gift shop.

About Aborigines

Aborigenes are the original inhabitants of Australia.and now make up only 2.6% of Australia's population. They migrated to Australia from Asia approx. 30,000 years ago. Though they comprise 500–600 distinct groups, aboriginal people possess some unifying links. Among these are strong spiritual beliefs that tie them to the land; a tribal culture of storytelling and art; and, like other indigenous populations, a difficult colonial history. Aborigines see a close relationship between themselves and land and their religion has a deep and mysterious relationship with dreaming. Also humans and the natural world are more unified. Ancestors live on as parts of the physical world.

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