Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Plastic Horsefly

Another unique replica from Tapir & Friends!

Our Plastic Horsefly

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic horsefly is made of hard, flexible plastic. It is 2 inches long. Our plastic horsefly has clear plastic, detailed wings, red eyes and segmented legs. It works well for a shoe box diorama or other school projects. It also makes for an interesting party favor or for a gag. Check out our other fly toys and gifts.

About Horseflies

Also known as gadflies, breeze flies, bull dog flies, zimbs, and clegs, horse flies represent 4,500 species of fliying insect. Many are known to be extremely noisy in flight, and most are considered pests due to painful bites they can inflict. In many parts of the world, horse flies are important pollinators of flowers. Horse flies occur worldwide, being absent only in the far north and far south.

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