Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stuffed Wombat

SUPER soft and cuddly, this guy deserves a place of honor in ANY collection!

Our Stuffed Wombat

This engaging, realistic-looking stuffed wombat is soft and sturdy. He has an adorable face with light whiskers and large detailed plastic eyes. His body is mottled light brown and black. Our stuffed wombat has a kindly expression and promises to be your friend. Check out our other wombat toys and gifts.

About Wombats

Wombats are an Australian animal about 40 inches long with a short, stout body and no tail. They are found in forested, mountains, and in the heath of Southeastern Australia and Tasmania. They like to dig and live in burrows and are generally crepuscular, but can be seen on cool, overcast days as well. They are a shy, slow, herbivore and are easy prey for dingos and tasmanian devils. Like other marsupials, wombats have a pouch to raise their young which they carry for about six months.

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