Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cockroach 3D Puzzle

And if you think he's too creepy, you can take him apart!!

Our Plastic 3D Cockroach Puzzle

The details on this 3-D puzzle animal toy add another dimension, so you could say it is 4-D (3-D + details)! It is certainly one of the more detailed we have seen, making it an interesting replica as well as a fun toy for adults and children above the age of 3. This delightful insect model comes assembled, and its body is 3 1/2 inches long. The pieces are cleverly fitted, flexible, and not too difficult to assemble. When complete, this highly-detailed insect stands nicely on its own for display on your shelf, TV, computer monitor, etc. Check out our other 3-D Puzzle Animals, as well as our other insect toys.

About Cockroaches

A cockroach is a general term for a number of species from the order Blattodea. The American species is omnivorous and can be found most anywhere in garbage or around rotting food in the kitchen. Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. They are incredibly resilient insects with some species capable of remaining active for a month without food, or being able to survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of postage stamps. Some cockroaches can go without air for 45 minutes and can live without a head for a long time. The lifespan of a cockroach is about a year (assuming it has its head).

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