Friday, January 18, 2013

Seahorse Keychains from Guatemala

Come see our HUGE stock of delightful, portable Guatemalan artwork!

Our Beaded Seahorse Keychains

The beading on these beautiful seahorse keychains is securely stitched into a woven fabric of beads and is very sturdy. Unlike some beaded animals I've seen that are beautiful and engaging but very delicate, these seahorses are durable and with normal handling will hold up extremely well. Check out our other seahorses as well as our page of beaded animals and beaded keychains from Guatemala. When you purchase one of these unique animals from our collection, you help in a number of ways. You help save tapirs, because that's what we do. You help the local artisans in Guatemala who need an outlet for their work (yes, jobs!), and you help my new friend Catherine with her sustainable business of working with the artisans of Guatemala to maintain jobs for themselves and make beautiful art for many people around the world to enjoy.

About Seahorses

The yellow seahorse (Hippocampus kuda) is one of the most common seahorses and is also known as the common seahorse, spotted seahorse, or oceanic seahorse. It is found mainly in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. It has a short crown, which is directed backwards. This seahorse is found in shallow water of not much more than 30 feet. They can be found in mangroves, coastal seagrass beds, estuaries, coastal bays and lagoons, harbors, sandy sediments in rocky littoral zones, and rivers with brackish waters. Seahorses pair for life. They are poor swimmers and generally remain anchored to rocks using their prehensile tails.

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