Monday, January 7, 2013

Stuffed Groundhog

What a beatiful, detailed replica!

Our Stuffed Groundhog Replica

This engaging, realistic-looking stuffed groundhog, marmot, woodchuck is soft and cuddly. It stands 13 inches tall and has a 6 inch tail.The back feet are somewhat adjustable, allowing this plush groundhog to stand easily without falling over. The plump huggable body is made of realistic fur-like material with felt inside the ears, a soft plastic nose and gold-brown comforting eyes. This groundhog makes a nice pet or a gift and fits nicely in a stuffed animal collection. Do you know anyone who loves the movie Groundhog Day and has seen it over and over and over again? (Um,sorry, I couldn't help it!) Anyway, this could be the perfect gift for fans of Groundhog Day or could add to your Groundhog Day celebration! It's a very nice stuffed toy! Check out our other squirrel and groundhog toys and gifts.

About Groundhogs

The groundhog (Marmota monax) belongs to the group of ground squirrels known as marmots. Most marmots are found in the mountains, whereas the ground hog is a lowland variety. It is also known as a woodchuck. It is one of the larger squirrels, weighing up tp 7 pounds and is often 2 feet long. It loves to live in alfalfa fields and burrows 45 feet of tunnels, 5 feet deep with several entrances. It eats mainly grasses, but will eat small insects as well. Groundhogs can withstand cold temperatures with its two layers of fur, but is one of the only animals that goes into true hibernation. Every year Groundhog Day is celebrated in February as a humorous way to predict the length of Winter. Other than man the ground hog must cope with wolves, foxes and large hawks as predators, but has sharp claws to defend itself. Since groundhogs live in colonies, members warn one another with a high-pitched whistle to sound danger.

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