Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poseidon-as-Octopus Plastic Figure

Just don't make him angry!!

Our Plastic Poseidon Figure

Our plastic Poseidon figurine or educational toy is quite a character with his lower body turned into octopus tentacles and his gray hair flowing as if being tugged by the ocean currents. Poseidon stands 4 1/2 inches tall, and his tentacles reach to about 4 3/8 inches at the widest point. Poseiden/Neptune is made of solid, durable plastic and will hold up for hours of play and/or a long life on your shelf overseeing your other mythological and fantasy figurines. He swivels at the waist, apparently ready to spear any enemies that come his way with that forbidding-looking seaweed-covered trident! Please check out our extensive collection of sea creatures and fish along with our growing selection of mythical and legendary animals and anthropomorphic characters. Any of them would make a wonderful display along with our plastic Poseidon figurine.

About Poseidon and Neptune

Also known as Neptune and Nethuns, Poseidon is one of the twelve deities of the ancient Greek pantheon who ruled the world from Mt Olympus. Poseidon is primarily God of the Sea, but also was the source of earthquakes (hence the nickname Earth-shaker) and was known as the tamer of horses.

Like many ancient gods and goddesses, Poseidon’s exact lineage is unclear. However, there is a tale that links Poseidon as brother to Zeus (most powerful of the Greek gods) and Hades. The tale states that when the world was divided amongst the three most-powerful Gods of Olympus, Zeus was given the air, Hades the underworld, and Poseidon the oceans. This put Poseidon in position to be the most influential amongst the mortals. Indeed, Poseidon’s contest of wills with the ancient Greek king Odysseus formed the basis for Homer’s The Odyssey, one of the cornerstones of Western literature.

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