Friday, January 13, 2012

Stuffed Snowy Owl

Ever pulled apart an owl pellet? Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Our Snowy Owl

Our stuffed snowy owl is from the Cuddlekins series by Wild Republic. As with all of Wild Republic's toys, this plush toy owl meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. The owl sits nicely on any surface and is 11 inches tall in a sitting position. It's very soft and has big, friendly yellow and black eyes. The wings can be spread out from the body and also have a very soft pettable surface. Stitching on the tops of the wings (not visible in the photo) make it appear as though they have flight feathers. Although this is not a Harry Potter official owl, it is the same type of owl as Hedwig and will charm anyone who loves the Harry Potter stories as well as anyone who simply likes owls, birds, or animals! Check out our other owl toys and gifts.

About Snowy Owls

The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) is found in the north in polar regions but migrates South in the Winter. It feeds primarily on lemmings and other small rodents and needs to eat 7-10 of them during the day to survive. Snowy Owls, like many other birds, swallow their small prey whole. Strong stomach juices digest the flesh and the indigestible bones, teeth, fur, and feathers are compacted into oval pellets that the bird regurgitates 18 to 24 hours after feeding. Regurgitation often takes place at regular perches, where dozens of pellets may be found. Biologists frequently examine these pellets to determine the quantity and types of prey the birds have eaten.

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