Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plastic Cricket

Know that crickets are considered lucky when you "wish upon a star"!

Our Plastic Cricket

This engaging, realistic-looking, plastic Cricket is made of hard durable plastic. It is 2 inches long including flexible back legs. It makes a good replica in a shoe box diorama or for any school project. It is also an excellent party gag. Check out our other insect toys and gifts.

About Crickets

Crickets are a group of 900 species of insects of the family Gryllidae,and are related closely to katydids. Often mistaken for grasshoppers due to similarities in body and leg shape, crickets are primarily nocturnal and are most widely known for their common "chirping". The chirp, emitted only by male crickets, is created by the cricket rubbing his wings (NOT his hind legs) together. There are four types of cricket "chirp": the calling song (attracts females and repels males), the courting song (when females are near), the aggresive song (when males are near), and the copulatory song (after a successful mating). Rate and pitch of the songs are determined by species and by temperature of the environment. Crickets are omnivorous scavengers, feeding on dead and decaying material as they find it. Equipped with relatively strong jaws for their size, crickets have been known to attack other injured crickets for food, and have occasionally been known to bite humans in self-defence.

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