Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plastic Dingo

An amazing addition to your Australian diorama!

Our Dingo

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic dingo miniature is made of somewhat flexible plastic with good quality. This replica has detailed fur and an attractive realistic pose and sharp eyes. This dingo replica makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great collectible. It is 1 3/4 inches long. Check out our other dingo toys and gifts.

About Dingos

The Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is often called the Australian native dog. It is a domesticated dog which has been wild for a thousand years and lives independently from humans. There are similar dogs living in Thailand. Dingoes have a relatively broad head, a pointed muzzle, and erect ears. The fur of dingoes is short, bushy on the tail, and varies in thickness and length, depending on the climate. The fur color is mostly sandy to reddish brown, but can include tan patterns and be occasionally black, light brown, or white. Dingos are very often nocturnal in warmer regions, but more active during the day in cooler areas. Their main time of activity is around dusk and dawn. The periods of activity are short (often less than one hour) with short times of resting. They have two kinds of movement: a searching movement, apparently associated with hunting, and an exploratory movement, probably for contact and communication with other dogs.

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