Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stuffed Channel Catfish

A wonderful and unique gift for the fisherman in your life!

Our Stuffed Channel Catfish

This soft and colorful plush channel catfish toy is well-made and realistic in both color and appearance. Wonderfully detailed and 17 inches long, this isn't your typical stuffed animal! This channel catfish is stuffed with both soft fiber-filler and beans, allowing it to sit upright on it's belly. A fantastic gift for the fisherman, conservationist, or collector, this plush catfish replica would also make a wonderful addition to a school project, a theatre prop, a wildlife decoration, or simply to snuggle up to! Check out our other freshwater fish and fish toys and gifts.

About Channel Catfish

The most numerous North American catfish species, channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) are also the most fished catfish species, being targeted by approximately 8 million anglers every year. A weight of 2-4 pounds is common, and weights of 10-20 pounds are not unheard of. The world record for weight in a channel catfish was set in 1964 at 58 pounds.

Channel catfish have outstanding senses of taste and smell. They have taste buds spread over their entire body, and can l literally taste with their skin, particularly around the whiskers or barbels located near their mouth. These keen senses allow the channel catfish to find its prey in murky, dark, cloudy water, where vision is useless. Channel catfish are omnivorous, and have been known to be caught on such unconventional baits as bubble gum, soap chunks, and dough flavored with drink powder.

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