Thursday, January 5, 2012

Plastic Farm Cat

An absolute necessity on ANY farm!

Our Plastic Toy Farm Cat

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic farm cat miniature is made of somewhat flexible plastic. This replica has detailed fur and is painted orange and white. This house cat makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great cat collectible. Check out our other cat toys and gifts.

About Cats

Cats, both pedigreed and domestic, come in a rainbow of colors and patterns. These are all a matter of genetics, so a calico mother might give birth in one litter to a calico, tabby, and solid or bi-colored kittens, depending on her genetic background and the background of the male cat that fathered the litter. Cats come in three basic colors: red (commonly called "orange," or sometimes affectionately referred to as "ginger," or "marmelade"), black, and white. Common patterns include tabbies, solids, tri-colored such as calicos, tortoise shells, tuxedos and bi-colored. House cats are also broken down into three categorie DSH - Domestic Shorthair, DLH - Domestic Longhair and DMH - Domestic Medium length hair. Studies have shown that cat owners show as much love or more for the common domestic cat as owners of pedigree cats show to their animals.

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