Monday, January 2, 2012

Flying Squirrel Stuffed Animal

Off we gooo...into the wild blue yonder!

Our Plush Flying Squirrel

What about this exceptional stuffed flying squirrel? Although it's made of synthetic materials, it looks so real you'll hardly believe it's a cuddly stuffed animal - a toy, not the real thing! This stuffed squirrel comes with a piece of clear line attached so you can "fly" it in the air as seen in the photo, or you can hang it by the ring attached to the line.

Read more about Hansa stuffed animals and see our selection of Hansa squirrels and other rodents.

About Flying Squirrels

The word "flying squirrel" is a general term referring to a group of squirrels in the family Sciuridae. The flying squirrel does not actually fly, but glides from tree to tree. Steering is accomplished by adjusting the webbing in its large wing-like arms. The flying squirrel's tail serves as a stabilizer. The squirrel generally has a short lifespan since it is prey to domestic cats, raccoons and owls.
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