Friday, January 6, 2012

Plastic Salmon

Amongst the First Nations, he's known as "suk-kegh"!

Our Plastic Salmon Model

This high-quality plastic salmon model is one of the most realistic plastic fish we have ever seen. It is suitable for museum and public aquarium displays as well as for school projects, science classes and biology education kits, educational toys, table decorations, restaurant decor and much more. The length is 5 inches, and the fins and tail are flexible but not posable. It will sit upright on a table with the head at a slighly downward angle.

About Sockeye Salmon

The sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) is an oceangoing salmon that also lives in fresh water rivers. Therefore it is anadromus. It is found mainly in the North Pacific and its associated rivers, especially in British Columbia and Alaska, although in 2010 sockeye salmon have been returning in large numbers to the Columbia River which makes the border between Washington and Oregon. The name "Sockeye" is allegedly a folk adaptation of an Indian word from a tribe along the lower Fraser River. In the ocean, where the sockeye lives for 4-6 years, the fish is all silver in color with a blue tinge, but when it returns to the river to spawn, the male becomes bright red with a black face. Spawning season is usually in July or August and, of course, it is totally amazing that the sockeye salmon finds its way back to the source where it was born. It is theorized that each river has a characteristic odor that the sockeye has memorized and therefore navigates by smell.

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