Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plush Camel Finger Puppet

This adorable puppet makes a great gift!

Our Stuffed Camel Finger Puppet

This playful stuffed camel finger puppet is made of extremely soft plush material. This replica has a detailed face and body with a loving expression. It is 7 inches long and 7 inches tall. Your finger goes inside but doesn't move any parts. You basically march it along. This plush camel finger puppet stands up on its own and could work as a Christmas decoration or be placed around a manger. It makes for a nice pet, fits into a stuffed animal collection or serves as a great cuddly friend and is fun for all kinds of games. Check out our other camel toys and gifts.

About Camels

The Bactrian (two-humped) camel lives in the cold, mountain and hight desert climates of Central Asia. It was domesticated over 4,500 years ago in an area called Bactria, near present-day Iran. The Bactrian's humps are filled with fat, not water, which is used to nourish the camel when there is little food or water. The Bactrian camel can go without water for long periods, drinking and storing up to 18 gallons (68 liters) at a time. The Bactrian camel can grow up to 11 feet long and 7 feet tall (at the shoulder) and weight up to 2,000 pounds. Although there are over 2 million domesticated Bactrian camels, the wild Bactrian camel is one of the world's rarest mammals. It is considered critically endangered with less that 1,000 remaining in the wild.

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