Monday, May 7, 2012

Plush Guinea Pig

As sweet and cuddly as the real thing!

Our Guinea Pig

This adorable little stuffed guinea pig is both realistic and extremly soft. Our guinea pig is 8 inches long and has been well crafted by Hansa. It has light-brown and white fluffy fur covering its body. You'll enjoy talking to your new found friend and stroking him to sleep. Be sure to see our other rodent toys and gifts.

About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small rodents that are neither from Guinea nor are pigs. They originally came from the grasslands of the Andes, but are no longer found in the wild. They were introduced to Europeans in the 16th century and became household pets. They have a docile nature and are easy to keep around the home. They weigh 1 -2 pounds and are 8-10 inches long and are usually kept in cages lined with wood shavings. Guinea pigs breed year around with about 5 litters a year consisting of an average of 3 pups. They can learn complex paths to food and were often used, prior to rats and mice, in scientific experiments, hence the term "guinea pig" for a person who is being tested.

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