Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plastic Seagull

A great seasonal toy or decoration!

Our Plastic Seagull

This engaging, realistic-looking flying plastic seagull is soft and floppy. Its body is made of hollow plastic and is detailed with feather etchings. It is 14 inches from wingtip to wingtip and is 7 inches from beak to tailfeathers. It is painted white with gray accents, has a yellow beak, orange tongue, and yellow feet. When squeezed, our seagull also makes its familiar squeaky call. It can be suspended by its attached elastic cord. It makes for an interesting ornament, table setting, or serves well in a diorama or school project. Check out our other seagull toys and gifts.

About Seagulls

Our beautiful flying plastic seagull reminds us that the seagull is a coastal bird that rarely ventures far out into the ocean. Closely related to terns, it is a carnivorous scavenger, which picks at almost anything organic. It loves small fish and crustaceans which it snatches from the surface. It swims on the top of the water, but does not swim underwater. It is an intelligent bird with a myriad of calls and, like most birds, outstanding eyesight. The adult gull is gray and white in color, whereas younger gulls are a mottled light brown. The Pacific gull (Larus pacificus) has a continous presence here at Tapir and Friends. It wheels above us and perches on rooftops outside our windows. His calls accompany our work and our play.

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