Friday, May 4, 2012

Plastic Pteranodon Skeleton Model

A wonderful model of a majestic prehistoric creature!

Our Pteranodon Skeleton Model

This realistic-looking pteranodon skeleton model is made of strong plastic and is sturdy when assembled. It is 9 1/4 inches long and 9 inches wide. There are about 11 separate pieces, some large, with easy to follow assembly instructions and a diagram. The bones look weathered and connect with one another through pegs or joint sockets. Although most pieces hold together well, it may help to use a little super glue. This miniature pteranodon skeleton replica makes a nice display, a gift, or toy for children or adults and could work well for school show-and-tell or as a school science project. Check out our other dinosaur model toys and gifts.

About the Pteranodon

"Pteranodon" means "winged and toothless." These flying reptiles were closely related to dinosaurs, but were technically not included in the same group. They lived during the late Cretaceous Period - one of the great ages of dinosaurs. Pteranodon stood about 6 feet tall (and some scientists believe they did stand upright), and had a wingspan of 25 to 33 feet - longer than any known bird. They had short tails, as you can see on our plastic pteranodon skeleton replica. Most pteranodon fossils have been found in Kansas and in England. Pteranodons fed primarily on fish, and may have scooped them out of the water the way a modern-day pelican feeds.

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