Friday, May 11, 2012

American Bald Eagle

A fantastic replica of America's patron raptor!

Our Plastic American Bald Eagle

Made of solid plastic by Safari, Ltd., one of the best names in plastic toy animals, this american bald eagle measures 3 1/4 inches from beak to tail and is 2 3/8 inches tall. It stands balanced on its feet and tail. The word "EAGLE" is molded on the bottom. This sturdy, durable raptor is also excellent for school projects, novelties, party favors or even as a children's toy. You can make a wonderful birds of prey shoebox diorama using this and other plastic creatures from our gift shop. Best of all, there is no mess, no feeding, and no tank or cage cleaning :) Come look through our entire collection of eagle toys and gifts.

About American Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are large predatory sea birds who follow waterways to reach inland areas. They are found only in North America. Bald eagles can fly up to 30 mph, and can dive up to 100 mph.This explains why they are so adept at snatching fish out of the water with their feet. Mature bald eagles generally weigh between 9-12 pounds, with a wing span of about 7 feet. Bald eagles mate for life. A female usually lays 2-3 eggs a year. By three months of age, her young are able to fly, and are often on their own a month later. Bald eagles reuse their nests, adding more nesting material each time it is reused. Because of this, some nests reach as much as 10 feet across, and can weigh as much as 2000 pounds. Strict conservation efforts have enabled the bald eagle's status to be upgraded from "endangered" to "threatened" in the lower 48 states.

In May 2004, we visited the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. One of the most interesting parts of our visit was the VERY GOOD animal presentation at their outdoor stage. One of the animals they presented was a beautiful bald eagle. We learned that when the eagle was named, the word "bald" didn't mean "hairless" as it does now; it meant someone with white hair. Now the eagle's name makes more sense! Below you can see a photo of the eagle I took that day at the presentation, where we were allowed to get close to the animals at the end of the talk. By the way, if you get a chance to visit, it's a really nice zoo in a marvelous natural setting. And be sure to see the animal presentation!

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