Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plastic Rough Collie

First in line of our new beautiful dog replicas!

Our Plastic Rough Collie

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic rough collie miniature is made of durable plastic with good quality. This replica has detailed fur and an attractive realistic pose. This rough collie replica makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great collectible. It is 2 inches long, with white and brown fur. As cute and lovable as the real thing! Check out our other dog toys and gifts.

About Rough Collies

Our collie is a rough or long-haired collie, a medium-sized breed of domesticated dog originally bred in Scotland during the 1800’s for herding cattle. Rough collies range in weight from 35 – 75 pounds and typically have a lifespan of 12-14 years.

Rough collies are very loyal and calm breed well-suited to family life. The breed, like all herding breeds, tends to be vocal, and it can be very difficult to train a rough collie not to bark. Beyond barking, however, rough collies are not aggressive or protective, and can shy away from strangers rather than confront them. Rough collies are eager to learn, and relish their contact with family.

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