Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tree Frog on Branch Jewelry

Just don't call him 'Kermit'!

Our Tree Frog on Branch Jewelry

Made in Washington and Idaho by a team of three U.S. artists, these high-quality pins or tie tacks are unique. Each exquisitely detailed piece is cast in pewter and painted by hand. The finish is extremely smooth and shiny, as you can see by the highlight from the scanner. Each pin is secured by two sturdy tacks on the back so it doesn't skew sideways or turn upside down, and the finished product is not only gorgeous, but satisfyingly substantial in weight. They can be used as lapel pins, hat pins, tie tacks, and more. These collectible animal pins are heirloom quality, and the details are so realistic, they are found in museum gift shops and bought by organizations in need of the perfect animal to represent their group. In fact, if you're interested in having the name of your organization put on an item, write to us for details. You will find more fish and animals by the same artists listed on our Items by Series page.

About Red-Eyed Treefrogs

The red-eyed treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas) is an amphibian native to the Central American rainforests. Its dominantly-green coloration allows the red-eyed treefrog to blend in with the leaves and other foliage of its arboreal home. They are fantastic jumpers and have sticky pads on their toes for gripping to trees and leaves.

Red-eyed treefrogs are carnivorous, feeding mostly on insects and occasionally smaller frogs. They are not poisonous, depending on their coloration to hide from predators. As with many species of the rainforests, the red-eyed treefrog’s primary threat is deforestation throughout its habitat range for agricultural purposes.

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