Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soft Play Floating Latex Pufferfish

Amazing how he can say "Gimme a hug" and "Go away" simultaneously!

Our Soft Play Floating Latex Pufferfish

This engaging, realistic-looking soft play latex FLOATING pufferfish replica is made of foam inside and a latex exterior. It is 9 inches from lips to tail, 7 inches wide and shaped like a bouncy ball, and to me it looks bigger than it sounds by the measurement. Maybe that's because it's so yellow and bright! This replica is soft and squishy and but returns to its original shape. You can even bounce it! It is neither sharp nor poking.This pufferfish toy is a little bit cartoonish like the pufferfish in the cartoon movie "Finding Nemo," but it still serves as a great example for a science project, a gag or toy, or serves as a collectible. Our soft play latex pufferfish is for decoration or play only. Even though it floats, it should NOT be put in your aquarium even if it would fit! Check out our other reef fish toys and gifts and our growing collection of soft play floating, bouncing, squeezable animals!

About Pufferfish

Pufferfish or puffer fish are a common reef fish and are found in warm tropical waters. Many are highly poisonous to the touch and should be avoided. They have large external spines and large, sharp front teeth, which are used to crush mollusks and crustaceans. They are slow swimmers and coordinate the movements of the caudal, anal and pectoral fins, which can give them short, speedy thrusts to elude predators. They have excellent vision, but if caught, can expand in the mouth or stomach of the predator and give it a nasty, possible lethal injection of poison. Some Japanese people consider pufferfish a delicacy, but it requires a special, delicate preparation. I personally would not try it.

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