Friday, February 3, 2012

Plastic Softshell Turtle

Another new addition to the TPF line-up!

Our Plastic Softshell Turtle

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic softshell turtle replica is made of somewhat flexible plastic with good quality. The turtle is 6 inches long, its shell is just over 4 inches wide, and the head sticks up 3 1/4 inches from the ground. Because it's so large, the hand-painted details are beautifully clear and easy to see. The plastic is just a little bit soft and rubbery so the toenails can't scratch. Detailing on this beautiful turtle replica include sculpting of the underside of the legs and feet and lines on the underside of the shell. It comes with an informational tag printed in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Check out our other freshwater turtles toys and gifts.

About Florida Softshell Turtles

One of the fastest turtles to move on land, the Florida softshell turtle (Apalone ferox) are known to sprint quickly back to water when threatened or frightened. Florida softshells grow to very large sizes, ranging from 6 to 30 inches long, and are the largest of their genus. In addition to their speed, Florida softshells can bite with extremely powerful jaws. In captivity, Florida softshells have been known to reach lifespans of 30 years. Highly carnivorous, Florida softshells prey on fish, amphibians, small reptiles, and water fowl hatchlings.

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