Sunday, February 26, 2012

Realistic Free Diver

Look who's back and looking for adventure!!

Meet Freddie, the Freediver!

Freddie is an adventurous, outgoing lad who enjoys nothing more than visiting the vast aquatic regions of the world. Equipped only with fins, a mask, and unlimited curiosity, Freddie explores ocean reefs, lake bottoms, and submerged rock formations, all on a single gulp of air! Wanna come freediving with Freddie? Take a deep breath! Come see our SCUBA diver and sealife accessories and the many aquatic animals and fish our divers like to swim with! All are perfect for your shoebox diorama or as additions to your empty (no real fish) fish tank!

About Freediving

In general terms, freediving describes any aquatic activity that involves submerged swimming without the assistance of a breathing apparatus. To various degrees, freediving includes breath-hold diving, breath-hold spearfishing and hunting, snorkeling, breath-hold underwater photography, and the various sports of competitive apnea.

Humans were diving in the ocean’s depths long before the invention of mechanical breathing apparatus. Around the world, people used freediving to collect both food and products for sale. To this day, freedivers like the Korean haenyeo and the Japanese ama divers continue to ply their trade without the assistance of SCUBA or rebreathers. As a source of recreation, freediving is an activity that allows the participant to determine the level of adventure, activity, and relaxation they experience, based on their level of physical fitness and interest.

As a competitive sport, freediving has evolved many recognized disciplines, most of which involve depth, distance, or time submerged as the goal. Two world associations, AIDA International and CMAS, govern this sport and recognize nine specific disciplines, while another dozen disciplines of freediving are only practiced locally. All disciplines can be practiced by both men and women.

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