Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuffed Wolf

Your pack will howl for this delightful replica!

Our Plush Wolf Pup

This engaging, realistic-looking stuffed wolf is soft and affectionate-looking. Its legs are made of plush hair and are sewn together to replicate a lying position. The body and head are light gray and light tan with black around the muzzle and ears of the wolf's head. Our wolf is probably a cub. He has a kindly expression and promises not to bite. He makes a nice pet, a gift, or fits perfectly into a stuffed animal collection. Check out our other wolf toys and gifts.

About Gray Wolves

Our beautiful stuffed wolf appears to depict a young gray wolf (Canis lupus), which is also known as a timber wolf. The adult is the largest wolf, about 3 feet in length and weighing about 100 pounds. It once roamed freely throughout North America and Eurasia, but hunting and habitat destruction has taken a significant toll on the wolf population. Great efforts have been undertaken to reintroduce the wolf to areas of the Northwest and Idaho with cooperation of ranchers, who see the wolf as a threat to livestock, especially sheep. The wolf is incredibly adaptable to climate and terrain and can travel long distances. It can withstand frigid temperatures and can be found in snowy mountains, high deserts and plains. Its claws and padded feet are designed with special webbing for hanging on to slippery surfaces. Wolves have bulky coats consisting of two layers. The first layer is made up of tough guard hairs designed to repel water and dirt. The second is a dense, water-resistant undercoat that insulates. The wolf is a special animal to be appreciated by all. It has been valued by native people in their art and religion.

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