Monday, December 19, 2011

Stuffed Parakeet or Budgie

A delightful addition to your aviary!

Our Stuffed Parakeets

We think this stuffed parakeet is exceptional. It is so lifelike and compelling, you almost won't believe it's a stuffed toy and not the real thing. Although it's made of synthetic materials, it looks real. The designer of the Hansa line of stuffed animals takes pride in the European heritage of his realistic animal design. Each piece is hand-cut and stitched.

This is not your ordinary stuffed animal. Our stuffed bird has the charm and quality you'll want to keep for a lifetime. It's the kind of toy your child will remember for years to come. It's the kind of "pet" a young child will want to name and create his or her own stories about.

About Parakeets

The word "parakeet" is a general term referring to any number of small to medium-sized seed-eating birds of the parrot species. The parakeet is a found throughout the world with many species living in tropical South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Other than in the United States, the parakeet, which means long-tailed, is known as a budgie or budgerigar. They make amazing pets and, although mistkenly called lovebirds, they seemingly show affection and the ability to mimic the language of humans. After overcoming initial fear, parakeets chirp when their owner is nearby and will cuddle, show contentment, and strut their proud feathers.

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