Saturday, December 24, 2011

Plastic Reindeer

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen...

Our Plastic Reindeer

Lines of the hair are moulded into the plastic and details include moulded and painted foot pads! The length of 3 1/4 inches is measured from the nose to the right hind foot and the height of 3 1/2 inches is measured to the top of the antlers. It comes with an informational tag in French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English. Made of solid plastic by Safari, Ltd., one of the best names in plastic animals, its superior design and details make it a museum-quality replica or collector's item, and yet the price puts it in range for the average collector of plastic animals. This sturdy, durable reindeer is also excellent for use in school projects, dioramas, or even as a children's toy. The word "REINDEER" is embossed on the underside. Check out our terrific selection of deer, elk and moose toys and gifts.

About Reindeer

Reindeer and Caribou are the same species (Rangifer tarandus) and are members of the deer family. They are found on Greenland and large northern islands as well as in North America and Eurasia in tundra and northern forest regions. In Europe they are called "Reindeer" and have been domesticated for 2000 years or more. In North America the wild animals are called "Caribou" and the domesticated are "Reindeer". Domesticated animals are slightly smaller than the wild animals and their coloring is different, but in all wild and domestic stock both males and females have distinctive antlers which they shed and regrow every year. Their large, concave hooves spread wide to support the animal in snow and soft tundra and work as paddles when swimming. Reindeer are protected from extremely cold temperatures by unique hairs that trap air. This also helps keep them afloat when swimming. Reindeer are very social herding animals and the domesticated ones are very friendly, likeable and curious and are easy to fence, feed and train to pull.

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