Sunday, December 18, 2011

Soft Play Latex Octopus Replica

C'mon...who wants a hug? Eight waiting!

Our Soft Play Latex Octopus

This realistic-looking plastic-coated soft play octopus is a terrific replica. It is 21 inches long, but will stretch out to 26 inches when you pull on the partially posable tentacles. It is also 6 inches tall. Our octopus replica has a hard latex coating and a soft inner body possibly made of foam. It is an excellent toy for children because it is light weight and durable. It serves as an educational toy for a science project or as a gag or unusual gift. Check out our other octopi toys and gifts.

About Octopi

Octopi are cephalopods that can be found in rocky areas especially among coral reefs in the oceans throughout the world. The octopus has 8 arms which trail behind it when it swims. It is considered to be the most intelligent animal of all invertabrates. It emits a cloud of inky substance as a defense against predators as well as possessing a venomous bite. Most octopuses have a short life span of no longer than six months.

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