Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plastic Trilobite

A facinating piece of Earth's ancient history!

Our Plastic Trilobite Replica

Made of solid plastic, this trilobite's superior design and details make it a museum-quality replica or collector's item, and yet the price puts it in range for the average collector of plastic animals. Topside details include blue-gray eyes and the three ridged lobes for which it was named. The underside also shows the three segments and details of the trilobite's anatomy. It measures 2 inches wide by 3 inches long. The word "Trilobite" is embossed on the underside. Our model trilobite is made in Germany and hand painted; it comes with an informational tag in both German and English. This sturdy, durable trilobite is also excellent for school projects, novelties, party favors or even as a children's toy. Our plastic trilobite is for decoration or play only. It does not float, and should NOT be put in your aquarium with living fish or other aquarium dwellers. However, you can make a terrific ancient sea life shoebox diorama using this wonderful plastic trilobite replica.

About Trilobites

Trilobites were an early form of life on earth that have left many fossils, some of which has been made into beautiful jewelry. They appeared about 600 million years ago during the Cambrian period and ruled the earth for about 350 million years. Their descendants include centipedes, spiders, shrimps and insects. Trilobites lived in shallow seas, swimming, crawling, and burrowing. They evolved into many different forms during their reign. You can learn more about these interesting creatures at trilobite.com.

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