Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hand-Painted Beagle Pin

Not a WW1 Flying Ace, but dashing and stylish just the same!

About our Painted Wildlife Jewelry

Our individually-painted wild and domestic animal jewelry is very special and unique. Take a look at these beautiful creatures and fall in love! Each piece is about 1 1/2 inches at the longest dimension. The jewellry is also available in gold plate, silver plate, bronze plate, and pewter. Call for details on our regular line (503) 325-3179, use our new toll-free number (888) 325-3179, or order above.

If you don't see the animal you want, please ask! Made in Washington and Idaho by a team of three U.S. artists, these high-quality pins and tie tacks are unique. Each exquisitely detailed piece of animal jewelry is cast in pewter and painted by hand. The finish is extremely smooth and shiny, as you can see by the highlight from the scanner. Each pin is secured by two sturdy tacks on the back so it doesn't skew sideways or turn upside down, except for the head-only pins, which are secured by one tack near the top, which keeps the animal right-side up. The finished product is not only gorgeous, but satisfyingly substantial in weight. This collectible animal jewelry can be used as lapel pins, hat pins, tie tacks, and more. They are heirloom quality, and the details are so realistic, they are found in museum gift shops and bought by organizations in need of the perfect animal to represent their group. In fact, if you're interested in having the name of your organization put on an item, write to us for details.


About Snoopy, and "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

The first prime-time animated TV special taken from the comic strip "Peanuts" (created by Charles Schultz in 1950), A Charlie Brown Christmas first ran in 1965, and has run every December since. The special has been awarded both an Emmy and a Peabody award, and is arguably the most recognized and beloved animated Christmas show ever made.

Amongst the cast of characters is Snoopy, the beloved pet beagle of the strip's central character, Charlie Brown. The character of Snoopy began as a conventional dog in the comic strip, but evolved over time into the strip's most dynamic character, showing a level of sophistication, wit, charm, skill, and clarity to rival any animated character. In "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (as in every Peanuts special), Snoopy has no actual dialogue, yet manages to effortlessly communicate with both the audience and the characters through action and emotion. This sets Snoopy apart from most other animated characters, who communicate primarily through dialogue. As part of his character, Snoopy is a writer, a fashion and interior designer, a World War 1 flying ace, and a motorcycle enthusiast.

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