Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Blessed Yule To All!

One of the ORIGINAL Yuletide animals!

Our Plastic Nanny Goat or Doe

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic nanny goat miniature is made of flexible plastic with bendable appendages and is 2 3/4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches tall. This replica has elaborate detail and is hand painted white, tan and pink. Our nanny goat has distinct dark eyes and pinkish hooves. It has hints of tan and yellow in the face, horns and tail. The udder on this milk goat or mother goat is visible, but can't be seen from the angle of the photo. The goat is an educational replica that fits nicely into a farm diorama, or serves as a miniature pet or a great farm animal collectible. Check out our other hoofed animal toys and gifts. Among them are quite a few other farm animals.

About Yule Goats

The Yule goat is one of the oldest Norse (Scandinavian) traditions in relation to the Winter Solstice holiday of Yule, celebrated by modern Pagans on December 20-21. The tradition has evolved much through the years. For centuries, the Yule goat was an invisible creature that walked the land, insuring that Yule/Christmas preparations were completed properly. This evolved into a mystical creature that delivered presents to children, a tradition that was eventually replaced by the Father Christmas idea (although, in modern Finland, the Finnish name for Father Christmas, "Joulupukki", means "Yule Goat"). Today through much of Scandinavia, Yule goats are straw or wooden ornaments used to prank neighbors. The victim has the Yule goat placed prominently, yet secretly, on their house or property, and the penalty is that they now must prank another neighbor with the same ornament.

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