Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuffed Sturgeon

Back in stock! Both the 10" and the 17"!

Our Plush Sturgeon

Our adorable, realistic stuffed sturgeon plush toy is 17 inches long from nose to tail. It has a lovely gray brown head and back, yellow ochre sides, light gray fins and a soft white belly and barbels. It is filled with bean composite and sewn of soft fabric. Our sturgeon has a kind and gentle expression. It makes for a thoughtful child's toy or fits nicely in a fish or stuffed animal collection. See our other cool stuffed fish toys and gifts.

About Sturgeon

Sturgeon belong to the genus of fish Acipenser. It is found in both saltwater and freshwater throughout the Northern Hemisphere. A sturgeon loves to swim near the bottom looking for small fish and crustaceans to eat. It is one the oldest fish in the world and looks ancient with scutes along its side, a shovel-nose face, and toothless mouth. The sturgeon is coveted as a smoked delicacy, although when properly prepared, can be a tasty steak as well. Also its roe is packaged and sold as treasured caviar. Sturgeon can be as much as 12 feet long, but 4 feet is probably an average size. Sturgeon is a prized catch among fishermen with strictly regulated seasons at least here in America. It is a concern that over-fishing, and increased pressure from hungry sea lions, are taking a toll on this most unusual and remarkable fish.

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