Monday, November 12, 2012

Stuffed Red Squirrel with Acorn

'Tis the season to be storing away for a rainy day!

Our Stuffed Red Squirrel

Our stuffed red squirrel with acorn has a removable "Press Here" tag so you can hear the recorded voice of a real red squirrel. The squirrel was designed as part of the popular Audubon Birds Series by Wild Republic. It is 5 1/2 inches tall and has a soft bushy tail . As with all of Wild Republic's toys, this red squirrel meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other squirrel toys and gifts.

About Red Squirrels

The hang-tag shows the red squirrel's large area of permanent residence from Alaska through eastern Canada and the U.S., and from Eastern Washington and Oregon south into Arizona and New Mexico. The hang-tag also tell us: "Squirrels are very common mammals that love forested areas containing a vaiety of live trees. They prefer to make their dens in hollow trees,but will also build nests from twigs and leaves. They love playing tag with each other, leaping from one tree to another. Most squirrels have a bushy tail that they use as a shield when fighting, a blanket in the cold and even an umbrella in the rain. Along with nuts and acorns,squirrels commonly eat grapes, grasses, and insects.

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