Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plastic Red Deer Hind

Sing with me now! "Do, a deer...a fe-male deer..."

Our Plastic Red Deer Doe

Our beautifully-detailed plastic red deer hind (a doe or female of the red deer species) makes a terrific toy or model for teaching your children, grandchildren, or students about the wonders of nature, the forest, and the animal world. It fits nicely into a shoebox diorama for school projects or use our realistic hind to create a woodland scene you can enjoy at Christmas or all year around. Our plastic toy red deer hind is made of solid plastic and is quite durable. Be sure to take a look at our other deer toys and gifts.

About Deer

Deer are herbivore mammals of the family Cervidae. Many species of deer exist on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, including the white-tailed, red, fallow, roe, chital, and Chinese water deer. Also included in the Family Cervidae are elk, moose, and reindeer. Deer typically weigh 70-600 pounds. They have slender frames and powerful legs, which make them exceptional runners, jumpers and swimmers. The earliest deer fossils date back to the Oligocene epoch, over 23 million years ago.

All male deer and female reindeer have antlers, bony forked appendages that grow from their heads. The only exception to this is the Chinese water deer, which has tusks. Antlers are shed and grow back annually. This makes them different from horns, which are permanent.

Deer have had a significant economic, cultural, and spiritual impact on humans throughout history. From the earliest European cave paintings to Walt Disney's movie "Bambi," Kate Seredy's book The White Stag, and Nintendo's Pokemon "Stantler," deer have captured our imagination. To this day, deer are pursued for sustenance, immortalized in heraldry and popular culture, and revered by belief systems old and new for their speed, strength, and nobility.

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