Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giant Centipede Plastic Toy

Check out this gnarly little creepy-crawly!

Our Plastic Giant Centipede Replica

This plastic centipede is both colorful and creepy. Look at the lifelike detail. Wouldn't our plastic centipede be perfect in a diorama for a school project about the forest floor? It also makes a superb educational toy. The centipede has many realistic details that can teach children about centipedes and other terrestrial arthropods, and it is somewhat flexible to minimize scratches to humans and to the plastic centipede. This figurine can be used to enhance reports at school, can be used by therapists for sand trays, or hey . . . just carry the centipede around in your pocket to entertain your friends. Check out our other centipedes as well as other insect and bug toys and gifts.

About Giant Centipedes

Centipedes are terrestial arthropods. The word "centipede" is a general term for a many-legged insect with a pair of legs for each body segment. There are an estimated 8,000 species of centipedes ranging from the Arctic Circle to the the rainforests of South America. Centipedes have dangerous claws at the first appendage and can give a nasty sting. They tend to be nocturnal. They are usually found under rocks or in thick mulch. Most centipedes are small, but some reach 8 inches in length. The world's record is held by a centipede found in the Amazon River area, which reached over 12 inches in length.

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