Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plastic Frigatebird

Betcha not every kid on the block has one of THESE in their collection!

Our Plastic Frigatebird

This amazing bird is one in our series of lively and lifelike plastic animals found in the Galapagos Islands. Its realistic shape and details will be enjoyed as part of a school project, diorama, plastic animal collection, as a party favor, or gift. Our plastic frigatebird measures 3 7/8 inches from beak to tail.

About Frigatebirds

The magnificent frigatebird (Frigata magnificens) is a long-winged seabird common to the Galapagos Islands. Along with the great frigatebird (Frigata minor) it can be seen soaring above the land and ocean riding the wind currents, hardly ever flapping its wings. The male frigatebird is distinguished by a remarkable and dramatic red sac below its throat which expands like a balloon when attracting females. The frigates neither dives under the water nor swims. It snares food from the water's surface, preying on small fish and squid. It is also notorious for stealing food from other birds. For this it has been often called a pirate. It has a wingspan of 7 1/2 feet and has a prominent scissor-like forked tail. This makes the frigatebird especially maneuverable. The frigatebird is so much fun to see gliding peacefully in the sky. Fortunately it is numerous and not endangered like many other animals of the region.

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