Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plastic Bald Eagle Replica

The elephant and donkey can't hold a candle to this majestic symbol!

Our Plastic Bald Eagle

This engaging, realistic-looking bald eagle miniature is made of durable plastic with good quality. This replica is detailed down to the very last feather, and is striking the perfect pose, its wings spread as he prepares to take flight! This bald eagle replica makes for an amazing gift, the finishing touch on a diorama, or as the perfect mantelpiece companion! At 3 3/4 inches long, he's just waiting to take your breath away! Check out our other eagle toys and gifts.

About Bald Eagles

The bald eagle has been popular for centuries as a symbol of freedom and power. Bald eagles range in weight from 10 - 14 pounds and have a average lifespan of 30 years.
Bald eagles are amazing hunters, but they do not travel in packs. Instead, bald eagles choose to be monogamous, meaning that when they find that special little eagle that completes them, they remain a couple for life. The female eagle will lay on average between one and three eggs a year, but there are many years that she won't lay any eggs at all. There is a theory that questions whether this has to do with the female's subconscious; that during years in which prey is scarce or there are an abundance of eagles nearby, she won't lay eggs, but when the prey population goes up or the eagle population decreases, she will start laying again.

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