Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stuffed Armadillo

Back by popular demand!!

Our Stuffed Armadillo

What a great stuffed plush armadillo! He is quite real looking, and the multi-design fabric adds to the effect. This stuffed animal has some nice touches. Note the fold of the rim around the armadillo's back and the additional texture around it. Our stuffed armadillo from Fiesta is appealingly unhurried-looking. Is he or she curious? It looks that way to us! This stuffed animal is and cuddly, sturdy and soft. To find our other stuffed animals by Fiesta, or see a list of our entire inventory of stuffed animals, beanies and puppets, check out our Stuffed Animal page; and be sure to look over our other armadillo toys and gifts.

About Armadillos

Nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) have been moving north from South America for the past three million years. Armadillos originated in South America about 50 million years ago, and the nine-banded moved north, crossing the Panamanian land bridge. It is the only armadillo species found in the US, where its range continues to expand. As the armadillo actually has teeth, it is no longer classed as Edentata ("without teeth") but is now usually grouped with the Xenarthra. We have left our armadillo on the Edentates page, because these are still its closest relatives. There are 20 species of armadillo living in Central and South America. Armadillos dig for grubs and create burrows near water with their powerful feet and claws. In addition to grubs, they also eat other insects and invertibrates. These interesting, inoffensive creatures can be seen along roadsides, trails, and streams (where you can see into the brush), usually around dawn and dusk.

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