Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ring-tailed Lemur

Awww...look at this unique and wonderful replica!

Our Stuffed Ring-Tailed Lemur

Our stuffed ring-tailed lemur toy by Fiesta is extremely soft and cuddly. The exceptionally long tail adds another 15 inches to the 10-inch body for a total of 25 inches from nose to tail. Beans in the rump help the lemur to maintain a sitting position. The paws and inside of the ears are soft cloth. The plastic eyes and nose, as well as the ears, legs and tail, are securely attached making this charming stuffed animal a suitable toy for all ages. To find our other stuffed toy animals from Fiesta, or see our entire inventory of stuffed animals, stuffed beanies and plush puppets, check out our Stuffed Animal Page and Stuffed Beanies and Plush Puppets Page. Come see our wonderful assortment of lemur toys and gifts.

About Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Lemuridae catta) are "prosimians." They are primates, but are not as highly evolved as monkeys or great apes. One easily recognizable feature that differs between the lemurs and other primates is the long, almost dog-like nose of the lemurs. Where other primates rely more heavily on vision and hearing, lemurs rely more on their sense of smell. There are 11 species of true lemurs and 7 species of dwarf lemurs. Lemurs are found only in the woodlands on the island of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands near Madagascar. This lemur is known for its long, black-and-white ringed tail, which it holds up like a question mark when it walks or runs upon the ground.

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