Saturday, October 13, 2012

Raven Stuffed Hand Puppet

YOU can make this raven cry "Nevermore!!!"

Our Stuffed Raven Puppet

Our captivating stuffed raven hand puppet stands 16 inches high and is very kid friendly. It's feathers are soft fake fur; the legs and beak are soft vinyl. The plastic eyes, legs, beak, wings and tail are securely fastened making this a great toy for children of all ages. The hand pocket, located under the tail, fits up to a grown-up-size hand and operates the head and beak. There are also pockets under the wings. An informational tag containing raven facts and a Native American folktale, is included. To find our other hand puppets in this line, or see our entire inventory of stuffed beanies, puppets and animals, check out our Stuffed Beanies and Plush Puppets Page and Stuffed Animals Page. Come look through our entire collection of bird toys and gifts.

About Ravens

Found all across the northern hemisphere, the common raven (Corvus Corax) averages 25 inches in length and weighs up to 2.6 pounds. Common ravens can live up to 21 years and, while they tend to flock as younger birds, eventually mate for life. Common Ravens are omnivores, feeding on carrion, insects, grains, berries, fruit, small animals, and food waste. This diet has allowed the common raven to coexist beside man for thousands of years, and is a common feature in the stories and legends of many different cultures across the globe.

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