Friday, October 19, 2012

Iguana Stuffed Hand Puppet

Another work of art from Folkmanis!

Our Stuffed Iquana Puppet

This iguana stuffed animal by Folkmanis is also a puppet. Although we draped it over our photo stand to show its whole length, it does have four legs! It looks just like a stuffed animal until you put your hand inside the fabric from the underside. You can make its mouth work by moving your hand. It's hard to see here, but the iguana has a hollow, forked fabric tongue, so you can use your finger to make it move. The front legs are also hollow. A grown-ups hand will be able to control both legs and the tongue at the same time. If you'd rather, you can put your fingers in the top part of the head and your thumb in the bottom jaw. Our stuffed iguana puppet measures 32 inches from nose to tail. The "scales," which are part of the fabric, are shiny and will shimmer in the light. The fringes are made of soft felt. An informational tag containing iguana facts is included. To find our other hand puppets in this line, or see our entire inventory of stuffed beanies, puppets and animals, check out our Stuffed Beanies and Plush Puppets Page and Stuffed Animals Page. Come look through our entire collection of iguana toys and gifts.

About Iguanas

The Green Iguana can grow to lengths of six feet from head to tail, and lives in Central and South America. Their color helps them hide in the trees undetected by predators while they eat flowers, fruits and leaves.

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