Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plastic Pachycephalosaurus 3D Puzzle

Bet he needed LOTS of asprin!

Our Pachycephalosaurus 3D Puzzle

The details on this 3-D puzzle animal toy add another dimension, so you could say it is 4-D (3-D + details)! It is certainly one of the more detailed we have seen, making it an interesting replica as well as a fun toy for adults and children above the age of 3. This delightful dinosaur model measures 4.75 inches from nose to tail and 3 inches tall. It comes assembled. The pieces are cleverly fitted, flexible, and not too difficult to assemble. When complete, this highly-detailed dinosaur stands nicely on its own for display on your shelf, TV, computer monitor, etc. Check out our other 3-D Puzzle Animals, as well as our other dinosaur toys.

About Pachycephalosaurus

Dinosaurs represent the dominant terrestrial lifeforms on planet Earth for 135 million years, from the beginning of the Jurassic period through the end of the Cretaceous period approximately 65 million years ago. While no human ever lived during the age of dinosaurs, modern palentologists have learned much studying the fossilized remains of these magnificent creatures.

Pachycephalosaurus is best known for a characteristic dome of bone crowning its skull. This dome can be as much as 10 inches thick. The purpose of such a formidable helmet of bone is still being debated by paleontologists. It's been suggested that pachycephalosaurus competed with each other by cracking their heads together in much the same way modern mountain goats do, in which case the thick dome of bone would be necessary to protect pachycephalosaurus's brain. Pachycephalosaurus was believed to be up to 15 feet long and weighed almost 1,000 pounds.

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