Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plastic Proboscis Monkey


Our Plastic Proboscis Monkey

This engaging-looking plastic proboscis monkey replica is made of solid plastic and stands on a branch. It is 2 inches tall from the ground to the top of the branch. The color is somewhat imaginative, but has distinctive highlights. Our proboscis or long-nosed monkey miniature has a concerned expression but promises not to bite. This proboscis monkey replica makes an interesting pet or gift and fits nicely into a shoebox diorama for a school project. Check out our other monkey toys and gifts.

About Proboscis Monkeys

Proboscis monkeys or long-nosed monkeys are an endangered Old World monkey. It is found in Borneo in south-east Asia. It gets its name from its unusually long nose which can protrude up to 7 inches. They use their long nose to attract females which also have long noses, but not quite as long. It allso fills its nose up with blood and uses it to make a resonating sound to warn of predators. It is arboreal but also amphibious. It is a deft swimmer. It lives in mangrove swamps where it eats leaves and berries. As a troupe, the proboscis monkey walks in single file through the forest.

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