Sunday, June 17, 2012

Palo de Sangre Wooden Crocodile

Another beautiful and unique piece from our Columbian friends!

Our Carved Wood Crocodile

The one-of-a-kind capybara figurine is handmade in Colombia, South America, of beautiful, natural palo de sangre wood. The shriny red of the wood is natural, and there is no finish or stain added. The surface shine and smoothness are created by rubbing the finished product in a way that burnishes it to a beautiful, silky lustre. Each piece is an individually-designed and carved work of art. No two are exactly the same, which is the reason our order button only allows you to order one. You will receive the exact crocodile you see in this photo. You can learn more about palo de sangre wood products from Colombia via this link, or check out our other crocodile toys and gifts. You can also look at all of our Latin American arts and crafts on this page. This crocodile was shipped to us by a Colombian conservationist to help raise funds for tapir conservation in Colombia.

About Crocodiles

Crocodiles have long narrow snouts, and the 4th tooth of the lower jaw is outside when the mouth is closed. Their scales have modified to form thick tough skin. All crocodiles have eyes and nostrils are on the top part of the head so that they can lie in the water almost completely hidden from view. Crocodiles have very strong jaws. They do not chew their food. They swallow it in large chunks. In the stomach the food is broken down. They feed on a large variety of prey such as small mammals, birds and even cattle. Crocodiles grab their prey and move to deep water, where they roll over to drown the animal. They can leap high out of the water to reach their prey if necessary.

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