Monday, June 11, 2012

Plastic Barbary Macaque

The perfect addition to your jungle playset!

Our Plastic Barbary Macaque

This engaging-looking plastic macaque replica is made of solid plastic and stands on a branch. It is 2 inches long. The color is somewhat imaginative,but has distinctive highlights. Our barbary macaque miniature has a concerned expression but promises not to bite. This macaque replica makes an interesting pet or gift and fits nicely into a shoebox diorama for a school project. Check out our other monkey toys and gifts.

About Macaques

Macaques are a well-known species of primarily Old World monkeys. They are found as far North as Japan, but mainly are throughout hot temperate zones of Asia and Africa. The Barbary Macaque is diurnal and found mainly in Morroco and Algeria and has only a stub of a tail, which is vestigial. It is a hardy animal and lives in matriarchal groups of 10 to 30 individuals, feeding on fruits, roots, and leaves. It weighs up to 30 lbs., its front legs slightly longer than its rear legs and moves on all fours. It is both arboreal and terrestial.

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