Sunday, June 3, 2012

Plastic Maryland Blue Crab

One of our most popular items is BACK!!!

Our Plastic Blue Crab

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic blue crab replica is colorfully painted. It is soft and hollow and squeaks. The artist who designed this crab took care to accentuate the colors of the claws. This crab is 8 inches across and 3 3/4 inches from front to back. It has raised large black eyes. We think Chesapeake Bay or Maryland Blue crabs are wonderful and are tasty to eat. We appreciate sitting at long tables with newspaper and hammers in hand to eat them. I hope this crab makes you hungry. Check out our other crab educational toys and gifts.

About Blue Crabs

The blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) is a species of crab found along the Atlantic Coast. It is numerous and harvested in crab pots placed at shallow depths. Many coastal communities depend on crabbing as a main source of income for the fishing community. The blue crab has five pairs of appendages including two large claws, which it uses as defense and to tear open food. The Blue crab is an excellent scavenger and feasts on clams, small fish and other small crabs. It is usually about 5-6 inches wide and is prevelant in Chesapeake Bay. It is an important symbol for the State of Maryland.

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