Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bushbaby Stuffed Animal

An amazing and unique stuffed animal!

Our Stuffed Bushbaby

Our exceptionally soft, cuddly stuffed bushbaby by Fiesta measures 9 inches not including its extremely long tail. The eyes, ears, legs and tail are securely attached making this charming stuffed animal a suitable toy for all ages. To find our other animals in the Fiesta line, or see a list of our entire inventory of stuffed animals, beanies and puppets or check out our other bushbaby toys and gifts.

About Bushbabies

Like lemurs, bushbabies are prosimians, primates that are not as highly evolved as monkeys or great apes. Also called galagos and nagapies (Afrikaans for "night monkeys"), these small, nocturnal creatures are native to continental Africa. Their name comes from the animals' cries which sound much like a crying baby. Their strong hind legs, which are longer than their front legs, make them agile leapers. Their large eyes give them good night vision and their long tails help them balance. Their paws are remarkably like a human's hand with 4 fingers and a thumb.

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